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your LIFE


My name is Tina and I am happy to have you join along on my journey. 

I'm a Registered Social Worker and received my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work before expanding my practice into movement and a more holistic approach. I am a certified Trauma-Informed Social Work Practitioner with over ten years of experience in supporting others, SMART Recovery trained, and certified to apply Direct Neurofeedback 

I'm a 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Kids and Youth Yoga Teacher, & Certified Reiki Master ​Teacher

My passion is to connect people with the appropriate practices and supports that help encourage whole mind and body health

My hope is to help put an end to any stigma that exists in Mental Health & Wellness - I believe it keeps people isolated & ashamed and I want to work towards removing as much negativity and misinformation as possible

With more awareness, education, and kindness - I genuinely believe that many more people can step into the light of who they truly are and begin to heal the pieces of themselves that have been holding them back 

Thanks for joining me & please remember to be kind!