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Ethical commitment


Ethical Commitment

& Practice Standards

Scheer Luck Yoga and Holistic Wellness is committed to equity and inclusion and we aim to conduct ethical business practices, interactions and partnerships in all aspects - professional & personal

As a community, Scheer Luck Yoga values integrity and aims to create spaces that protect all members, including BIPOC and all minorities


As we remain committed to unlearn and grow, we know that we still have lots of work to do. Will continue to update and change our standards and practices as we grow

With that being said, this company, community, practice, & any page affiliated DOES NOT tolerate any hate speech or unethical behaviours, actions, or comments and they will be removed

SLY aims to protect the community, every member, & BIPOC and stands firms in their response to any hate, intolerance, or discrimination exhibited. We are committed to ethical leadership and business practices and take these behaviours and actions seriously

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