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3 Tips to Help Maintain a Regular Gratitude Practice


It's easy to say we are grateful and wish to have a consistent gratitude practice, but, it can be much more difficult to maintain - if we are being honest.

I've found that building a regular routine can be difficult at times. What helps me is a plan and concrete ideas to help get me started and ideas that help me to stay on track

I've found these little tricks are magic and maybe they can help you too!


Here are 3 tips to help start and maintain a consistent gratitude practice:

1. Find & create a gratitude journal

  • You don't need anything fancy to start your journal, you can find something you have around the house or you can create one on your phone.

  • Dedicate this book to your practice and put it in a place where you wont forget to use it - beside your bed, on your coffee table, your desk at work - anywhere that you will see it or remember to use it before you start your morning routine.

2. Start each day with gratitude

  • For the first few weeks of your gratitude practice - yes, few weeks - it is important to write down 3 things that you are grateful for and why. You can write down 10 if you want to, but, try to write down at least 3 new points every day

  • For Example, your sentences could look something like this - just fill in the blanks

"I’m truly happy and grateful for ______, because ____________."

  • When your list is complete, re-read it and say the words “thank you” after each item and try to feel as truly grateful as you can as you read your list

  • After a few weeks of this practice, it will become easier for you to start your days without your journal, and it will become natural for you to think of things you are grateful for almost as soon as you wake up in the morning. It really does get easier as we (re)train our brain to find as much gratitude as we can

  • You are always welcome to keep a journal going - I restart mine all the time and redo 28 days over & over again

  • It is important to start your day with this practice as it allows your frequency and energy to stay heightened

3. End each day with gratitude