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Donald Jack McLaren

The Most Valuable Gift is the Wisdom from Your Grandparents


My Grandfather was my Best Friend and Mentor. He loved adventures, loved nature, and had a thing for pastries - no wonder I’m always so snacky. He taught me about trees, about rivers, and about people.

He taught me the difference between right and wrong and that if something wasn’t mine then I shouldn't be touching it. He taught me how to swim and how to be a defensive driver. He taught me how to start a business, stay in business, and be a business. He taught me about community, about our country, and about the Land that we lived on and where we got it from.

He taught me about FitzGibbon, the war of 1812, and told me how Bad Ass Laura Secord really was. He taught me about history, geography, and Politics. He taught me about Integrity, following through, and the importance of honesty

My Grandpa built houses, was a photographer, and an entrepreneur. He was a prominent Tour Guide in Niagara Falls and his efforts and love for that City are the Foundation what Niagara Falls is built on today

He was Proud. And opinionated, and stood up for what is right. He was always reading magazines and articles and was constantly finishing a crossword Puzzle. He was articulate and intelligent and always really kind. He taught me with Love and Patience and one time he yelled at me for being a stubborn ass

My Grandfather passed away 9 years ago today and I miss him dearly. He suffered from Alzheimer's at the end of his life but he always recognized me as someone he thinks he knows as his family. He would be the Loudest Right now and I would love to hear all the things he has to say

Grandparents are such a gift and I keep that treasure in my heart until we meet again

11 is a significant number in our family and every day I am reminded that my Grandparents and loved ones are with me always

I see you, Grandpa

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