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Healing - A Lifetime Process

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Healing isn't a Destination we Reach - It is a Process we Must be Committed to

I was in a yoga class one day and the teacher spoke in her discussion about the concept of healing as a process, rather than a destination we Reach after enough inner work is complete

Make a Commitment to Yourself

Are you Ready to Commit to Yourself, Your Health, and Your Wellness??

If healing was an easy process, there wouldn't be a lucrative billion-dollar profit market involved, with so many people trying to find an easy answer or quick fix. What I have noticed since starting my journey towards health and wellness is that many of the businesses, supports, & this industry as a whole; suggests that Healing is a destination we reach after consuming the products and programs suggested. Almost as if saying, if you consume enough or pay enough or try hard enough, you will be rewarded with the gift of Healing. And after receiving this gift, there is no more inner (or outer) work to be done.

Unfortunately, for most, myself included. This is not this story. When I heard the concept, I was initially let down, because I've been in this race and I almost have all my time complete - that's what was being told to me - work hard enough on healing and you will be miraculously healed. "I've almost made it" I would subconsciously tell myself.

But, after a week or more of considering this concept, I began to fully understand the truth behind it. Healing is not a destination for so many people. It is a journey that we will be on for the rest of our lives. As we grow and learn, we continue to peel away the layers of fear, trauma, and pain that exist.

Some days will be dark, but, if you allow it, the sun always returns to brighten it up.

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