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Trying to Find a Balance

"Trying to Find a Balance" - Atmosphere


Moderate stress in our lives can encourage us to continue to grow and learn, however, when we have high levels of stress and worry, it can cause us to become unbalanced, uneasy, or unwell

When I recognize that I am feeling overly stressed, which can be different for everyone, I try to implement routine and structure back into my daily activities

I know when I am feeling overly stressed is when I feel tired, unmotivated, and haven’t been on my yoga mat for a while - stress can manifest differently for everyone - it’s not the symptoms, it’s recognizing how we are feeling and knowing that we have the tools to get ourselves back on track

When I notice my stress levels increase (which can take hours, days, or much longer), I remember some activities that I know I enjoy and try to participate in them more often

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?

Do you enjoy being outdoors, near water, or perhaps into the woods for a hike surrounded by trees?

Maybe you enjoy photography, puzzles, or painting

It truly doesn’t really matter what activity you are doing, what matters is that we do some activities that we truly enjoy, that bring joy, and can offer elements of relaxation

Some of my friends and family members know, but, for many years I have enjoyed bird watching. It might sound funny to you - as it sometimes does - but it can be a really relaxing and rewarding sport

Ontario Field Ornithologists (OFO) is dedicated to the study of bird life in Ontario and provides so much user-friendly information about this practice in Ontario, and other places of the world. They even provide checklists for those who are interested so we can keep track of the birds that we see or do not

Being in nature, finding stillness and solitude, listening to birds and other nature sounds, brings so much peace and balance back to my life when I am feeling anxious in anyways

Finding practices such as these are easy ways to bring some balance back into your life. You don’t have to spend the day in nature to enjoy these activities - although it is always welcomed if you can - you can enjoy this activity from the window when you are at a stop sign, or maybe take the long way home and drive through the country instead of down the high way only (although there are birds there too!)

Find things you enjoy or try something new like Bird Watching - how many different kinds of birds can you see until the end of 2020? Each Year we start a new checklist, but, we can start at any time! Join us!


Other Balancing Tips:

  • Work-Life - Take breaks throughout your day at work - home or at work - stand up and stretch, walk around for a minute and get your circulation moving, have some water. When the day is over, shut down your workspace until the following day - don’t work all night and day with no scheduled breaks

  • Home-Life - create routines and schedules in order to have simplicity - i.e. meal planning and preparation, rest time, chore time, and include quiet time if possible

  • Social-Life - Participate in activities you enjoy - spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself, if you are required to attend an activity or function you don’t want to, create self-care activities for before or after in order to take care of yourself and your mental health

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