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What is Reiki & How does it Work?

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Reiki is a Natural, Safe and Gentle, Alternative Healing Modality

Reiki is a hands-on energy treatment that is used for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. Reiki aids the body’s natural and healthy flow of energy and provides a calming experience that enhances the bodies ability to heal itself and create a sense of well-being

This Non-evasive treatment is a Multi-dimensional Healing Energy experience

What exactly does that mean??

It can treat the cause of a problem at the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level

In simple terms, as my Reiki Master shared with me, Reiki works by raising the vibrational level of the Practitioner - that's me - when I 'turn on' my Reiki Energy.

When a Reiki practitioner shares Reiki - In person or through distance treatments - the individual receiving Reiki - that's you - becomes energetically closer to the Practitioner

When your Energy levels - or frequencies - heighten, you innately begin to heal yourselves and rebalance your energy

Reiki reminds your mind, body, and soul that it can heal itself and has the ability to encourage all of your systems to get back on track and start to function properly once again

The higher your Energy and Frequencies can be, the better you can feel


Long term energetic imbalances may show up as various mental, emotional, or physical illnesses in your body and often results in more serious illness when ignored. With Reiki, care and kindness, it can become easier to release and heal your imbalances and any dis-eases you face

Please Note: Although a Reiki treatment can involve a gentle, hands-on technique, you may request a hands-off treatment if that is your preference when in person

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