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6 Tips To Relieve Stress

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Follow these Daily Tips for Proven Stress Relief

Are you stressed and nearly burnt-out and wish you had your motivation and energy back? Is there support and steps that can be taken to prevent us from becoming burned out at work or in our personal lives? Yes, there are tips and supports available!

There is a Remedy

To start, follow these simple steps and incorporate these practices into your schedule to become rejuvenated, revitalized, and able to tackle your personal or professional relationships and stressors

1. Make a List - What do I do for work - list all the things material and abstract and you get out of your job. Identify your motivation the value in the meaning of your job

2. Make a “Dream” List – List all the activities that you like and rank them in order of importance then note the last time you engaged in each.

3. Create a support group - friends and or coworkers to meet on a regular basis for communicating regularly

4. Start a physical care program - include exercise, nutrition and quitting harmful habits such as smoking and eating too much processed foods

5. Start a psychological self-care program - include training in relaxation, time management, and assertiveness – Learning when to say no

6. Do something silly every day - roller skate play game blow bubbles or make funny faces relax smile and avoid taking yourself too seriously


These steps may sounds small, but, they can have a big impact on your mood and stress management routines

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