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Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, our plans have changed slightly in regards to our summer market plans.

As many may have heard, there was a terrible fire in Niagara at a local winery. At the time of the fire, there was an event happening that I was a participant in . Unfortunately, all of inventory and display for my small business was lost in that fire.

As markets can be unpredictable in so many ways, myself and many others overly prepare in order to be ready for anything - its better to have more than to not have enough. I also had most items that I use to make and create my products, cards, inventory, stickers, labels, scissors, string, wrapping paper, bags, tissues paper, gift boxes, literally everything. and now that is all gone.

I am slowly rebuilding all of my inventory and recreating what was lost, I have had to step back form some markets and plans that I had, as this was so unexpected, it was hard to know what direction to take for quite some time.

Currently, my products are available in several retail stores throughout the Niagara Region, including:

1. My Esty shop -

2. Little Foot Farms in Beamsville -

3. Small Scale Farms in Niagara Falls -

4. The Beach Market in Crystal Beach -

5. Change house Store in the Pen Centre -

6. Lincoln Health & Wellness -


Where to Find Us In-Person

Private bookings can be made for shopping or any wellness service, or you can find us at various events throughout the summer & into the fall

To Book Counselling or Reiki Services:


Where to Find Us Online

Private bookings can be made for online shopping or any wellness service through our online wellness & yoga community or via email

On-line Booking via


As always, thank you to everyone for the kindness and support, as well as their patience with us at this time. As we confirm more events, we will share with everyone

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