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Black Lives Matter

How do you have a yoga page for your growing business when there continue to be so many injustices going on in the world?

How do you talk about the healing vibes of headstands when black men and women are being shot?

How do you talk about anything when POC are being brutalized and killed

Ignore the news and turn it off?

I simply cannot.

Not only as a Yoga teacher but also as a Human Being - we cannot be in wellness or consider ourselves nice people and then close our eyes to reality because it’s too sad or hard or heartbreaking

We Simply Cannot.


Most days, I honestly don’t know how to exist in a world when there is so much hate, without directly discussing it

I could scream and cry and quit and get angry and sad and apathetic

I still might -

This is just so hard to witness, again and again - and we are a witness to the shit - vicarious trauma for us is bad - can you imagine what it must be for BIPOC

I don’t know how to witness injustices and not get so angry about it - like they are happening to me and my family - It burns my insides and hurts my heart to think of families suffering, of families losing their children, moms, and dads, brothers and sisters. It brings tears to my eyes and terrors in my sleep to think of families living in fear

This isn’t fair and I will not accept it, ever. I will never accept that this is the world we are living in.

I will never accept that I should be complacent and that there is nothing that I can do.

I will never choose to stay silent.

I will never be that person and honestly, as exhausting as it is, I never want to be.

It is so hard for me to see or hear about injustices of any kind, and not feel them deeply in my soul, as my own wounds.

How is this still happening every day and how is no one that angry? Why is no one screaming? Where are all the angry people? Why don’t everyone’s lives matter? Why aren’t we talking about this? How can we stop it? What in the actual fuck?

It pains me to think of families who are torn apart by police brutality, about moms who never get to hug their babies again (yes, we are always our moms baby), partners who don’t get to hold their loved ones or hear their voices, and kids who don’t get to have their parents around when they grow up

I don’t know how to exist when this shit happens, I can’t ignore it, I can’t and I won’t and we need to start taking more steps in the directions of change

We need to take action - read the books, yes, educate yourself, but, also. Start to make changes in your life. Start speaking. Start being a safe space for other people, for minorities, for people who are living in fear

Being an Ally includes having hard conversations, speaking out against injustices, and leavin