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Yoga Saved my Life

Yoga saved my life, but, I didn’t know I was drowning


In 2015 I was working in a residential facility with people who did not like their jobs, their clients, and especially me - it was a difficult space to manage, but I worked hard to fulfill my role. I was a supervisor in an all-male program that supported 3 clients with severe and persistent mental illness, significant addiction issues, and other developmental disabilities. To say it was a challenge would be putting it mildly

I had recently lost my job at a different residential facility that I worked at since 2010 and was not happy with the outcome of the transition (I worked for the same people, just different agency names and different sector) I went from working with people who were good at their jobs and clients that were manageable (for a group home that is) to space where no one was qualified and/or no one cared

The stories I could tell about some of the incidents that happened to me - I could honestly write a book it was so insane

Staff arguments, inappropriate behaviors, and having to let people go from there positions on the spot - omg, what a friggen day that was

Unhappy with my current role, I applied to the University at Buffalo for the Advanced Standing Master Degree program and was accepted, to my pleasant surprise!

After several tough months and really dangerous situations - our clients were REALLY sick - I made a tough decision and resigned from my position at that agency - since I was earning a decent salary (not for the work we did though), many people thought I was crazy - As per usual though ;)

This is around the time I found the gym and yoga and had begun my MSW program at UB. The program was 16 months and FULLY on-line. I dedicated almost all of my time and effort to that program and graduated with honours

I was a full-time student in an accelerated program that I completed by myself in my bedroom - which was a challenge - to say the least!

To complete this program in the 16 months, you were required to complete a full-time placement of 500 hours - which was 4 days a week from September until May, on top of a full-time courseload

During this time, I volunteered every Monday morning in a Yoga studio in St. Catharines in the Child Minding room - I watched yogi’s children while they practiced different classes. The children ages were from 6 weeks old to 12, somedays I had 3 kids, somedays I had 8

This was my first experience in a yoga studio and I haven’t looked back!

I spent 12 months in that position and there are so many great things I learned while I was there, mostly I learned the profound effects that a regular yoga practice can have on your mind, body, and spirit

Yoga by Sarah and those little people changed my life - I won't name names but, I LOVED that experience with my whole heart!

During this time, I needed a part-time job as I ran out of my savings - who knew a graduate program was so expensive?! Probably everyone but me!! So I started working in a bakery 3 or 4 times a week to supplement my income

Sounds reasonable, right?

Picture this:

Mondays I volunteered in the daycare center at YBS and then and worked a shift at the bakery

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I also volunteered at the Children’s Aid Society in Hamilton - Volunteer, MSW placement - whatever you want to call it - I wasn’t getting paid to be there 32 hours each week

Saturday & Sunday I worked in the bakery

I was "required" to attend at least 2 or 3 yoga classes per week - which was my saving grace

& I was a full-time student with a full course load that was more than challenging

All while trying to be a human and maintain healthy relationships with my people

I earned that degree

So much has happened since I walked into that gym back in 2015, but; none of it would have occurred without Rachel & her Heart-Centered Yoga practice

God bless souls such as hers for sharing their light; my gratitude is endless for broken people who show up as much as they can for as long as they can

I am indebted to you and this practice

Scheer Luck is Good Luck and if we listen to our soul’s truest desires, maybe we will end up being the women (or people) we used to look up to and admire all those years ago when our souls were lost and needed more direction than we knew

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